Monday, April 30, 2007

Bad day today. What’s with construction guys anyway? WHY can’t they simply return a phone call? I called 7 different contractors over the weekend and left them both my home and work numbers. Only one guy called back. He said, “I got your message. I’ll call you back at 4pm to set up an appointment.” He never called back. All the other guys I had to call again. Why is it so hard just to set up appointments?

I had one contractor come by this evening to give me an estimate on replacing the subfloors and installing new laminate hardwood flooring. He walked in my house and didn’t even look through the whole house before saying, “This project is too big for me. I’m gonna have to pass.” Wow. So I didn’t even get an estimate from him. My house scared him away. Why does it have to be this hard?

Well I’m not scared. I found out OSB board will cost me around $300 to put down throughout the whole house. So I think I’m gonna do that myself. Won’t be too hard to remove all the particle board and nail down new OSB. It will take time, but I can do it. I just have to rent a dumpster before I get started.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

I cut the grass over at my house today. My nephew was with me and I taped him while he was flying his kite in my backyard. So cute :) He’s such a good helper too.  He helped me rake under my pine tree and pick up sticks.

A few weeks ago I got my new mailbox set up! Yay! :) I’m already getting junk mail. Last week it was some kind of bridal/newlywed magazine. That was depressing :( And this week I had a rolled up newsletter in my driveway from the KU KLUX KLAN! What in the world!!? I didn’t even know the KKK sent out newsletters.

Starting Monday I will begin getting estimates for my home repairs. Then, I hope to get my loan! I’ll keep u all posted! :)

Friday, April 27, 2007

Well, I spoke to my loan officer again today and after pleading my case once again … she said that I most likely will be able to get a 2nd mortgage loan! Yay!!! I’m so happy! It will be a low fixed interest rate and low monthly payments. Everything sounds good so far. First, she wants me to get estimates on EVERYTHING that needs to be repaired in my home. So I’ve already been setting up appointments with several contractors to get estimates for new ceilings/drywall/insulation, new flooring/subflooring, new doors, driveway paving, new gutters, and support beam repair. Once I get all my estimates, an appraiser will look over the costs and then I’ll receive my loan! Fingers crossed :)

I hope everything works out. I can’t stop smiling I’m so excited! YAYYY!!!
Keep you posted! :)