Wednesday, May 02, 2007

I had a drywall guy come to look at my house today. He showed up an hour late. And he didn’t call to let me know he’d be late. I had to call him and ask him where he was. Ugh, it can’t even be just a little bit easy can it? Anyway… he did finally show up to look around. He said he will get back to me tomorrow with an estimate for new ceilings, a few new walls, patch-up work throughout the house, and insulation in the attic. Hopefully he will call me tomorrow like he said he will. I’m anxious to know what the estimate will be.

After waiting and waiting for several of the contractors to call me back and NOT CALLING ME BACK … I decided to call a couple new contractors. Luckily I got in touch with one. I have a new carpenter guy coming to look at my house tomorrow! Yay! He does practically everything. He says he can install the new doors I need, replace the subfloor and install new laminate hardwood and lanolium for me. So I may wait on tearing up the subfloor myself, until I hear how much he would charge. I’m really curious to know how much this new carpenter guy will charge me for the doors and floors. I hope he actually shows up tomorrow! And I hope my house doesn’t scare him off like it did the last contractor ;)

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