Thursday, May 3, 2007

The new carpenter guy showed up today, 45 minutes late . As I was waiting for him to show … I looked into my backyard to find out what the loud racket was. There were two huge bulldozers taking down tons of trees! I snapped a quick pic on my cell phone.

They put up little flags marking my property line. I heard they might be putting up condos. I dunno what to think of this yet. Will my property taxes be effected by this?
When the new carpenter guy finally showed up, he thoroughly looked over the entire house, even the crawlspace. He offered lots of helpful suggestions and advice. He will be able to tackle all of the repairs I would want him to take on. New subfloors, laminate hardwood flooring and lanolium, new patio door, and a new back door. But he didn’t seem very business-like to me at all. Not sure what I think of him yet. Youngish looking, ponytail, sort of hippyish :) I wonder if he does drugs? Well, what matters is what kind of estimate I get from him. If he gives me the cheapest estimate … then the hippy dippy drugee will be granted access to fix my humble little home :)

He’ll be getting back to me in a few days with his estimate.
Keep u posted! :)

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