Saturday, May 5, 2007

I just met with a contractor that paves driveways. He said that all of the existing concrete will have to be removed. The driveway is tore up so badly, there’s no way he can just pave over the broken-up concrete. To pave the driveway with asphalt, will cost $4000! To pave my driveway with concrete, will cost $5500! And I have a small driveway! I’m definitely getting other estimates for my driveway.

The driveway guy said that condos are definitely going up behind my house. He’s going to be the one to put down paving for the streets and driveways back there. I hope my property taxes won’t go up because of this, or my house value go down.

I just finished mowing my lawn and I found a couple happy surprises! A few months ago I found out that my pine trees have these cocoons hanging all over them which contain a kind of worm that eventually destroys the tree. These worms pluck the branches bare and use the pine needles to build there cocoons. One of my pine trees in the backyard had many bare branches and I was afraid the needles wouldn’t grow back. Today as I was mowing I noticed new pine needles growing on the bare branches that the worms destroyed! I’m so happy! I took a picture with my cell phone. Nice little green pine needles growing :) YAYYY!!!

And the huge monstrous pine tree I have in my front yard is growing little baby pine cones all over :) So this fall my front yard will be absolutely covered with pine cones. Hundreds, maybe thousands! Anybody who wants some pine cones for Christmas let me know :)

I’ll try and remember to bring my camera to my house more often to take better pictures, instead of using my cell phone for pics. Especially when my roses start blooming.

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