Wednesday, May 9, 2007

I got my estimate from the hippy dippy drugee guy (refer to May 03 entry above) … For him to remove the subfloors, replace them with new OSB throughout the house, and then to put down all new laminate hardwood and vinyl: $7289! That seems way too much to me. My house is SMALL. 1000 sq. ft. For him to replace my patio door with a new one: $969. For him to replace the small back door with a new steel one: $431. Forget it! I’m ripping out the subfloors myself. I’d be saving myself thousands of dollars in labor this way. I had no idea his estimate for my repairs would total $8689! Mr. Hippy Man can stay where he is. He’s not coming back to my house! So I’ve made up my mind. I’m gonna tear out the subfloors myself. First, I have to buy one of those cats claw thingys. Then, I’m gonna pull up all the nails throughout the house. Then I’ll rent the dumpster and remove the sheets of subfloor. I figure it will be less messy this way. If I get all the nails out first, hopefully the particle board will come up easier without it crumbling too much. I’M READY!

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