Saturday, May 12, 2007

I was able to remove the top layer of subfloors in my living room and dining area today! Yay! But I have a new problem. Last summer when I removed the old vinyl from the kitchen floor, it left a paper backing on the subfloor. This is covering the nails in the kitchen, so I can’t see the nails to pull them up and it’s really hard to get that paper removed cuz it’s glued to the floor. Not sure what I’m gonna do about this yet. Maybe a stud finder will help find the nails?

I took a video clip of the livingroom and dining area I worked on today. I’m happy I got so much done :)

I also mowed today. I’m so sore from pulling up hundreds and hundreds of nails and then mowing all the grass. Just lifting my arms to type on this keyboard hurts :( But look! I have baby rosebuds yay!

And look! Little baby daisies too! Aww :) I love daisies.

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