Friday, May 18, 2007

Got my estimate today from the carpenter who’s brother I bad-mouthed. (Refer to May 8 post) For him to remove the old subfloors and install new subfloors: $3396. For him to replace the sliding glass door and a back door: $1250. And for him to fix the support beam: $4950! I am so confused about this estimate for the support beam, because I have an estimate from another contractor who will fix the support beam for $1750! That’s a big BIG difference in price! I just don’t understand. The problem is… I can’t hire the guy who will charge $1750… because that guy has lawsuits against him for walking out on jobs he never finished.

Well, I am waiting on a new estimate for the support beam from another guy. A co-worker/friend of mine told her dad about my house. He owns a construction company and he came over to look at my house the other day. I’m waiting on his estimates for the support beam, the door replacements and the floors. I’m friends with his daughter so MAYBE he will be merciful ;)

I went over to my house today to pull up more subfloors. 2nd bedroom…



After …

GO SHERRY! GO SHERRY!!! All I need is pom-poms ;)

I did have another small accident though :( I was pulling up a nail near an air vent. The claw bar slipped out of my hand and fell right into the damn vent! CLUNK! Down it went. My precious cat’s claw paw bar thingy!! I CAN’T DO ANY WORK WITHOUT IT! I panicked. I called my brother. Asked him to come over an stick his arm down the vent to see if he can reach it. Well, I didn’t want to wait for my brother. I didn’t want to sit there on the dirty floor doing nothing but staring down that stupid vent. I put on a glove and stuck my arm down there. I was lying on the floor with my whole arm down that vent and the tips of my fingers touched it! And thank God I was able to grab it back up! YAY!!! What a relief! I proudly called back my brother and told him I didn’t need his help :) I’m so glad I got it out! It cost $20. I didn’t want to have to buy a new one.

Note: I wish there were more red and purple candies in bags of skittles. There’s just way too many orange, green, and yellows.

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