Saturday, May 19, 2007

You guys, I really am thankful for your words of encouragement. You have no idea how much it keeps me motivated :)

I finished removing the top layer of subfloors in the last bedroom today! :)



After …

I was able to remove the top layer of subfloors in almost the entire house! The livingroom, dining area, hallway, closets and all three bedrooms are DONE!


Take a look…

All I got left is the kitchen and laundry room floors. Those floors will be hard to do because the nails are hidden behind a paper backing left over from when I tried to remove the vinyl.

There’s one small square of warped subfloor under the water heater that has to be removed. I dunno how to disconnect a water heater. It looks like I’ll have to hire somebody to disconnect the water heater and also disconnect the garbage disposal and sink in the kitchen so I can remove the cabinets in order for me to get to the subfloors in there. I can try and remove the kitchen sink, but I wouldn’t know how to disconnect the garbage disposal. Ughhh :( I’m thinking maybe I can get some books on how to do this at the library… but more than likely, I’m gonna have to hire someone.

Still, I’m happy with what progress I’ve made on my own ;)

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