Saturday, June 30, 2007

Mmmm I smell Downy fresh :) One of the contractor guys told me that fabric softener and water will remove wallpaper. I tried it. It worked so well. I didn’t even have to scrape. It just peeled right off. If you ever have to remove wallpaper, try it!

Good news about my loan. My loan officer said that all the funds will be given to me at closing and I’ll be able to have full control of my money. This means I’ll be able to pay my contractors as soon as their jobs are finished. They won’t have to wait 2 to 3 days for the bank to transfer the funds into my account. I get all the money up-front. On closing day, the full amount will be transferred into my account. This really simplifies things for me, and for my contractors.

Well, I’ve pretty much done all I can do myself. I removed the wallpaper today. All the demo is done. Everything is pretty much gutted. All that’s left is to re-build. Put up the new ceilings. A few new walls. New floors. I’ve done all I can do myself. Now it’s time for the professionals to step in and re-construct my house.

My loan officer said that it should be just a few more days until I close on the loan. Hopefully by next week I’ll have the money! Fingers crossed ;)
Once I get the money… the re-building should move along real quick. I’m getting real excited! :)
Keep you posted!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I’m really happy. I had a very good meeting with a new contractor after work today. We spoke for about 2 hours. I went over all my current estimates with him and told him I wanted cheaper estimates than what I have. I told him my issues with the bank and my loan, and he’s willing to work with the bank, even sit down with my loan officer to discuss all the details of payment. He sounds promising! Now the big question is… will his estimates be cheaper than the ones I have? I hope so! This is the FIRST contractor that responded in a timely manner. I called him just yesterday and TODAY he showed up at my house! :) He even said he’ll work on the estimates tonight. So I should be hearing back from him real soon.

This new contractor explained to me why it was so hard to get that tub out of my bathroom too. Standard sized tubs are 60″ wide. The width of my bathroom is 59″!! That explains why parts of the 2×4’s are notched out… so the tub would fit! When my house was built, some dummy measured the bathroom wrong!

Hey, I found an old photo of what my livingroom looked like in 2005 when I first bought the house.

On closing day, after I got the keys to my house, I went in and the first thing I saw was that the livingroom ceiling collapsed. A sheet of drywall and insulation was laying in the middle of the floor. But I wasn’t scared and I’m STILL not scared :) I’m BELIEVING that everything will be ok and I REFUSE to think otherwise!

“God shall supply all your need” Philippians 4:19
Keep watching! ;)

Saturday, June 16, 2007

I mowed the lawn today and cleaned up the house with the shopvac. I got up all the drywall dust, small pieces of wood and insulation. I’m so glad I got that dumpster last week and emptied out my house of all the junk. I can finally see the floor of the garage again, and I saw something I never noticed before …

A leaf imprint in the cement on my garage floor. Cute :)