Saturday, June 09, 2007

I’m on a mission to get as much demo work done on my own as possible. Yes, I am applying for a $25,000 loan, but I don’t have to spend every penny of that if I don’t have to. IF I get this loan, I would have $25,000 at my disposal, but I would only have to pay back as much as I withdraw. I’m hoping I won’t have to withdraw the whole $25,000. I would hate to go into that much debt.

I went to my brother’s house today to ask him if he would please help me gut my bathroom for $100. He said he would help me. We got the bathroom walls, ceiling, and medicine cabinet removed, but had a problem with getting the bathtub removed. I plan on buying a new bathtub. It’s such a small bathroom and that old tub was up against the walls so snugly that he couldn’t get the tub loose. I didn’t want him to damage the surrounding 2×4’s and plumbing by yanking violently on the tub. So take a look at what I told my brother to do…

Well it worked! Plumbing and 2×4’s still in tact. Tub removed. Bathroom gutted. My brother got up in the attic and started stomping on the bathroom ceiling to get it down. It worked. And think of the money I’m saving in labor!

My brother also helped me remove the floor cabinets in the kitchen today so I can get in there and remove the rest of the subfloor. I found a couple more surprises in my home, hiding under the cabinets ;)

Wow. “God shall supply all your need.” This is just what I needed to hear and at the perfect time. It’s amazing how God works. I am LOVING my house!

And next to the picture was a rather large pile of seeds? …

My brother said, “Oh damn! They’re pot seeds! It’s all pot seeds!” I personally dunno what pot seeds look like, but he seems positive they are. I guess I’ll just have to take his word on that ;) Funny.

My brother thought it was hilarious that next to those seeds was the picture, “God shall supply all your need” Whatever ;)

My brother also got the hot water heater disconnected for me. Now I can get under the water heater and remove that warped subfloor there.

I got alot of work done today yay! This time, with the help of my brother. Hopefully he will help me put new drywall in the bathroom and a new ceiling. Also a new tub.


This is what the bathroom now looks like, all gutted …


A lily bloomed! So pretty :)

I’m happy :) It was a good day today.

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