Sunday, June 10, 2007

I FINALLY got the subfloor in the kitchen and laundry room DONE! Yay!


Before …


After …


I couldn’t see the nails to pull them up and remove the sheets in tact. So I used a shovel and had to hack at the floor. It broke up into millions of pieces. Dust everywhere. Back breaking work. It was horrible! I’m so sore. It’s so much easier if you could see the nails and pull them up sheet by sheet. Oh well. At least I’M DONE! WOO HOO!

The neighbors invited me over to talk about the townhouses going up in our backyards. I guess my neighbor got the blueprints from a contractor working on the project. All the neighbors are worried about if these new townhouses will be low-income or section 8 housing. They’re worried about if the value of our homes will go down. It was nice of them to invite me over and show me the blueprints. I have a much better idea of what’s going on now. This building project is gonna be huge! From what I can see on the blueprints, the homes do look pretty. I think it wi ll be rich people living there. While I was at my neighbor’s house, they introduced me to their other neighbor that lives on the other side of them. He’s cute :) And I looked horrible. Drywall dust and insulation in my hair, dirty clothes, and a mask hanging around my neck. Lovely.

The dumpster will be dropped off at my house tomorrow and I’ll finally be able to start emptying my house out! The pile of drywall and subflooring has turned into a mountain almost as tall as me! I think my dad and brother will be helping me. Yay!

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