July 4, 2007

What am I doing for the 4th? PAINTING! :)

I know the ceilings and 3 new walls aren’t up yet… but no reason why I can’t get a jumpstart on painting now. All the baseboard trim is up. There’s no new floors yet. And since I have to paint EVERYTHING… it makes sense to start painting what I can now. (My bank loan requires that I get repairs done within 6 months.)

I went to True Value yesterday and stocked up on lots of primer and paint. The guy there asked, “What are you painting?” I said, “My whole house.” He said,” Oh? Kitchen, livingroom, bedrooms?” I said, “Yeah and closets, bathrooms, hallway, ceilings.” He said I need to get a True Value card to get discounts, so I did. I started telling him about my fixer-upper house. He then gave me his 10% employee discount! Awwww :) So sweet! I love it when I get nice people like that in my life, if only for a moment. All the paint and primer was almost $200 … I paid $160 with the True Value card and his employee discount :) He said, “You remind me of my daughter. Very motivated! Good luck!” I told him I’d be back. I’m sure I’ll need more paint and other things. He said, “Well, just remind me when you come in to give you that 10% discount.” AWWWWWW … I love this guy! He put a huge smile on my face :)

It’s really HOT in a house with no ceilings. The little temperature thing on my thermostat said 95 yesterday. Ick.

Have a great 4th of July everybody! Someone light a sparkler for me! ;)

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