Saturday, July 14th 2007

I haven’t updated this in a little while. Lots going on. I’m getting my support beam fixed! Yay! I still haven’t closed on my loan yet, but while I’ve been waiting on the loan, I’ve been saving up my money as usual. I saved enough to get the beam fixed now. My contractor started working on the beam earlier this week.

The rotted subfloor in the main bathroom had to be removed, so he’s using the open area to get in and out of the crawlspace to fix the beam.

And here’s the material for the new support beam to be installed.

I finally tallied up the total cost of repairs that my new contractor gave me estimates for and I’m SOOOOOO HAPPY WITH THE NEW ESTIMATE! An old contractor I was going to hire, wanted to charge around $14,000 for all the interior repairs in my house. With this NEW contractor… he’s charging around $7,000 for all the interior repairs! YAY YAY YAYYYY!!!!! EVERYONE SAY YAYYYYYY!!!!!!! I’m saving thousands of dollars with him! And he’s a good contractor too, from a good company. He’s giving me references and a one year warranty on all his work. YAY!!! :)

A wasp has made a nest in one of my kitchen cabinets. A very non-aggressive wasp so I named him George. My contractor sprayed George’s nest with Raid… I thought George too was dead… but later I found out he’s still flying in and out of that same cabinet, building up a nest that is now soaked in Raid. Poor dumb George.

I’ve started priming all the walls in my house. I want to get a jumpstart on painting so when the new ceilings go in I’ll just have to prime and paint the ceilings and be DONE! I already went through 4 cans of Kilz primer and I went back to True Value today to get 4 more cans. I go through that stuff quick!

Earlier this week I got a porch swing set up with the help of my friend (so sweet) Isn’t it pretty? :)

I love it!

Let me think… I think that’s all on the updates… OH! I almost forgot… my neighbor came by today when I was painting and said that two cops were looking around my house earlier this week. Why? I dunno. They went around the back… and looked in the windows. Then left. I should call the police station and ask why.

I may do that. But it’s good to know my neighbors are keeping an eye on my house and looking out for me.


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