Tuesday, July 17, 2007

As of today, my support beam is fixed! Yay!!! Unfortunately, they had to replace 3 sections of the beam, instead of just two as originally intended… but my contractor kept the estimate the same :) Yay!

I took pictures of the new sections of support beam…

And here’s what’s left of my poor old support beam …

I wanted to take Before and After pictures of the beam… but last week after I worked up the courage to go into the crawlspace for the first time and take my Before pictures… the batteries went dead! I got into that nasty crawlspace among the spiderwebs, and tarantulas, and snakes and gorillas … turned on my camera… nothing! Stupid batteries. Went down there for nothing! So I missed my chance at taking my Before pictures, but at least I got some After pics :)

I also talked to my loan officer today. We are cleared for closing! Yay! I just have to give her some final information on my contractors and we’re good to go! Not much longer! Fingers crossed! :)

I found another daisy while I was mowing …

Awww… love daisies ;)
Keep you posted!

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