Sunday, February 17, 2008

The appraiser came by to look at my house.  Basically she just looked around to confirm that the repairs have been done.  She wasn’t here very long at all.  I asked her how much she thinks the house would appraise for, and she is guessing at around 90k.  Which is good considering my home is smaller than any other home on the block.  My house is only one story.  The rest of the homes around here are two stories.  The two story homes are going for around 100k to 110k … so 90k for my home is good I think :)    She didn’t appraise my home though.  This was just her guess.  If I were to get an actual appraisal done,  it may be more than that, considering I have hardwood floors,  all new appliances,  new furnace, etc.

I went to Bed Bath and Beyond the other day to buy a cake container, a cookie jar, and some wine glasses.   I’m in the cooking mood!  Maybe this time I’ll bake some cookies! :)

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