My husband told me he has 6 sets of twins in his family!  5 sets of twins on his dad’s side, and one on his mom’s side.  That’s a whole lot of twins!

I also read on that, “Age 35 to 39 is also when women are most likely to have twins — even without the fertility treatments that raise the odds for multiple births — of women at any other age. Typically, you release one egg a cycle. But as you get older, your FSH (Follicle stimulating hormone) level increases. When this hormonal surge occurs, there’s a chance that you may release more than one egg during a cycle, upping the odds of a multiple birth. So while older women are statistically less likely to get pregnant, if they do get pregnant, they’re more likely to have twins.”

Will there be twins in my future – if I do get pregnant?  It’s a little exciting, but also scary.  To think, I had almost given up on my dream of becoming a mom, then I meet my wonderfully sexy husband, and now I realize I could very likely have twins?

God is just full of surprises, isn’t he?

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