Grandma’s 90th birthday, and my eggs :)

My Grandmother turned 90 years old a few days ago.  It was wonderful being there to celebrate, and take photos.

Yesterday I took a fertility test.  I have been trying to conceive for only a couple months, but because of my age, I just wanted to make sure that my egg supply is not low.  At the beginning of a menstrual period, FSH acts as the signal to the ovaries that it is time to prepare eggs for ovulation. One of the earliest indications that the number of remaining eggs is approaching a critically low number is an increase in FSH levels at the beginning of a menstrual period. FSH production increases as though it is trying to compensate for the tiring ovaries. For this reason, measurement of FSH hormone levels is commonly used as a test of fertility.

Fortunately, the results of my test are normal so I shouldn’t worry, yet.  Aaron said, “Yay!  You have lots of eggs!”  :)

I hope someday soon my Grandma can hold my baby in her arms ♥

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