Well, I’m very frustrated.  I don’t understand what I’m doing wrong with these stupid ovulation strips.  I have calculated the day I am suppose to ovulate according to various websites, but when the day comes, and I pee on the stick… I am NOT ovulating.  Of course, I check every single day, just in case I’m a day or so off, but still NOT ovulating.  I don’t know what’s wrong.

And on top of this… my face has been breaking out horribly since I am now off the pill.  I have extremely oily skin, and my face is covered with small pimples.  They are just everywhere.  This is very depressing, and I just don’t know what to do anymore.

On the upside… I decorated for Halloween!  I love the colors of Autumn.  I LOVE the fact that Holiday baking has now begun!   I am already singing Christmas songs!

Hopefully by Christmas I will have a little present all wrapped up and cozy warm inside my tummy ♥

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  1. i have a few suggestions that might make your TCC journey a bit easier:first you should buy a basal body thermometer and start charting your temp everyday. I know it seems like a pain but it is really a far better way to determine ovulation (though it only works retroactively) it will tell you you ovulated better than any OPK. OPK's are tricky. they only detect the LH surge and sometimes you can heave more than one surge in a months time or you can miss the surge completely because some only last about 12 hours.my hubby and i are not TCC till may but i went off the pill and have been charting for 4 months usng fertility friend and the amazing book Taking Charge of Your Fertility. When it is time to start i think we will do the 10 days straight of baby dancing mode. this is where you have intercourse for 10 days starting just after your period ends and it is supposed to be more helpful in conception.other things can tell you you are ovulating too like egg white consitancy cervical fluid and you can help increase yours by drinking grapefruit juice and by taking robotussin. drinking lots of water also helps. so does putting your legs up and missionary. you two seem like a great couple and i think you will be great parents. i know many people who this has worked for so don't give up and remember to have fun!best of luck to you!

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