Ovulation, and eggs (chicken eggs that is…)

Last night I peed on another ovulation strip, and this time both lines were dark. So according to the test, I was ovulating!  What is confusing is that my ovulation is 3 weeks after my period … not 2 weeks.   According to what I’ve read,  the day you ovulate is about 14 days after the first day of your period.  So why am I ovulating 21 days after?  Should I be concerned?

This morning, Aaron was making scrambled eggs and he said, “Hey twins!”   He broke an egg open, and it had 2 yolks inside.  I said, “Really?  Maybe that’s a sign we’re gonna have twins. Haha!”  Then I heard him say, “Hey! More twins!”   …. That’s when I grabbed the camera ….

He cracked open another egg … and more twins!

At this point I started recording …

Four sets of twins!  Funny!

I hope I don’t have octuplets…


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