I AM PREGNANT!   You want to know what is even more awesome than this???  It is how God has orchestrated it all!  Let me explain what happened yesterday…

Exactly 1 year ago yesterday,  my Husband accepted God’s gift of Salvation. God chose this special day to give us yet another gift. We found out that I am PREGNANT! God is so GOOD! GOD IS VERY VERY GOOD!!! His timing is PERFECT! ♥

Yesterday was a normal day as usual.  I knew I was late on my period, but I was having these small cramps.  I thought at first that it was the beginning of my period, but the cramps never got to be painful, or bigger.  They were just tiny little cramps off and on throughout the day.  I knew they were different.  So I got a pregnancy test on my way home from work.

Also on my way home I stopped at Hallmark to get Aaron a card and a gift to celebrate his 1 year Anniversary of committing his life to Christ.   When I got home, I hurried to sign his card, pee on a stick, and then go to the garage to find some wrapping paper for his gift.

On my way back to the room, I stopped in the bathroom to peek at the pregnancy test …


I was in shock.  It really happened?  IT REALLY HAPPENED!  I raced to finish wrapping up his gift (including the pregnancy test) before he got home from work.
My heart was pounding when he came home.  I couldn’t stand holding this in for another second!  He read his card, (which seemed like an eternity)  and began opening his gift.  He started reading the book I got him, but didn’t notice that within the wrapping was the pregnancy test!  I said, “There’s something else in there for you…”   When he noticed it, and grabbed it, his eyes got BIG.  “You’re pregnant?”  he said.   I said, “Yes!”
So the really truly amazing part of my day was how God timed it all.  One year ago when my Husband knelt down on my living room floor with my Daddy, and led Aaron to Christ …  who would have thought that in exactly one year to the day …  we would be pregnant!   Is God AMAZING or what!???
I read that small cramps in the beginning of pregnancy can be implantation cramps.  Here is what The Bump said, “A bit of cramping about eight to ten days after ovulation might actually be a sign that you are pregnant. These pains — known as implantation cramps — can happen when the newly fertilized egg burrows itself into the wall of your uterus.”   So it seems I have nothing to worry about, and I will be calling the Doctor on Monday to make my first appointment!
Here is the card I got Aaron… It turned out to be the PERFECT card for this Special Day!
(Click on photos to enlarge)
God is such a personal God.  He amazes me all the time!  His blessings are so personal, and I just cannot deny how strongly I feel his love for Aaron, and me!   Amazing!  A blessing!  A miracle!
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