I went to my first Dr. appointment!

This morning was my very first Dr. appointment to confirm my pregnancy. My husband was able to take off work, and go with me.  It was a sunny, but chilly morning.  We initially went through lots and lots of information about what to expect, what tests can be done if necessary, our medical history, etc.  

Then they took a urine sample to confirm my pregnancy.  Here it is!  
She came back into the room and said, “Well it’s official, you are indeed pregnant!”  Yay!
After going through all of the forms to sign, and pregnancy information, she gave us a little backpack with baby magazines, pamphlets, and other congratulatory baby stuff.  
Then we went into a different office to see Peggy, and go over Aaron’s health insurance.  Thank God for Aaron’s health insurance!  Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield will be paying 75% of it.  We will have to pay up to $3300, and then our Insurance will pay 100% of the rest.
After leaving Peggy’s office, we had to go into the lab for the dreaded blood test.  I hate needles so much.  I’m a fainter.  I’m glad Aaron was there with me. They took 4 vials of blood, to test for HIV, Hepatitis, Iron, etc.  I broke out in a cold sweat, and started trembling all over, but I didn’t faint. Yay!  I really thought I would be jabbed with needles all throughout my pregnancy, but it turns out that isn’t the case.  I will only have blood drawn a couple more times throughout my entire pregnancy!  YAY!!!  :)
Then we left.  Our first appointment was over.  We went to McDonalds to get some McRib Sandwiches, came home, ate, then took a nice nap :)
Here is a couple videos I found showing the developmental stage of our baby right now at 5, almost 6 weeks…
When Aaron saw a picture of what our baby looks like right now, he said, “It looks like a dinosaur.”  Then he started walking around like a T-Rex lol!  He’s so funny.
My next appointment is November 22, and I will be able to see the baby through ultrasound!  The Dr. also said that by then, we will know if we will be having twins or not.   Stay tuned!!!  :)
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