The perfect pregnancy … so far.

Well, I am 6 weeks, and two days pregnant.  I feel no “morning sickness.”  I have no sore boobs, and they have not grown larger.  I have no fatigue.  I have no mood swings (at least not that I’m aware of.  You may have to ask Aaron for sure, lol!)

One symptom of this pregnancy that has occurred is my sense of smell.  It’s amazing really.  I smell EVERYTHING.  I was in our office room with the door closed, and I smelled the food Aaron had just heated up.  I was in Biology class, and the smell of the Professor’s marker on the whiteboard was so STRONG.  I keep smelling this weird smell in the bathroom, but I have no idea what it is.  It’s like normal, everyday scents overload my nose!  Oh, and Rocky’s farts are UNBEARABLE!!!

I plan on taking a sequence of belly pictures every week, until the baby arrives.  I started at week 6.  I want to make a home video of my gestation, similar to this amazing video I found on YouTube …

So, here is my first belly pic, at 6 weeks …

I set the camera on my bookshelf.  Each picture will be shot in the exact same spot, and same pose, each week, similar to the video above.   This will be FUN!  Stay tuned!

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