10 weeks …

I stayed home this Thanksgiving.  I haven’t had an appetite for food in weeks.  My nausea seems to have plateaued, but it still feels like a chore to eat, and the smell of certain foods still upsets my stomach.  Aaron went to his parents for Thanksgiving dinner.  I stayed home and put up my Christmas tree :)  I haven’t yet put the ornaments on, but the tree and lights are up!  Aaron put up the outdoor Christmas lights the other day.  I love the old fashioned look of the large Christmas bulbs outdoors.  I would like to get a vintage plastic Santa Clause for outside, too :)  I will post pictures of my Christmas tree and decorations soon!

I was able to make Aaron some Thanksgiving side dishes, and turkey breast.  I have to say, I really really love my stuffing and deviled eggs :)

Oh I hope and pray that by Christmas I will have an appetite!  A huge appetite so I can make lots and lots of holiday food!  Christmas cookies!  A gingerbread house!  More stuffing and deviled eggs!  A honey baked ham!  Crescent rolls!  Goodness I wish I had an appetite for this stuff NOW!
Here is baby’s progress this week! …
Here is my 10 week belly pic.  I know there hasn’t been any difference in tummy size yet :(  Hopefully once my appetite comes back we will start noticing a difference!
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