All I want for Christmas is my appetite …

Today is my first day of vacation.  I won’t be back to work until Janurary 3rd, and I won’t have to be back to school until January 9th!  I took a nice hot bath, washed my hair with that Suave apple scented shampoo (love that stuff) and slipped back into fresh jammies.  Ahhh :)

I felt miserable yesterday after coming home from work.  I felt like I would feel better if I put something in my stomach so I ate some mashed potatoes, and a few spoonfuls of Aaron’s chocolate ice cream.  Still didn’t feel any better.  Aaron started to make me a grilled cheese sandwich while I went to brush my teeth.  Well, I threw everything up, but dammit I ate that grilled cheese sandwich, and two pickles afterwards!

I am just so so so tired of this nausea.  The first trimester is OVER!  Christmas is only 3 days away!  I guess I won’t be having a nice Christmas feast afterall :(

I went to Kohls today.  Where are those pregnancy parking signs when you need them!?  I had to park at the end of the parking lot, and seems I walked a block to the store in the freezing cold. Yuck.  I found a couple pairs of maternity jeans.  They seem to fit pretty well.  I like them.  It feels good not to have my regular jeans unbuttoned and still digging into my waist.  It’s really strange though… I haven’t gained any weight still, but my waist is bigger.

I saw this AMAZING flash mob Christmas video that I just have to share…

I cried when I saw this. It’s just an overwhelming feeling when you’re in the midst of people worshiping God!  I keep watching this video over and over!

Here is a video of baby’s progress this week!
 Belly pic at 14 weeks …

I bought some of this…
Does anyone know if this works well in preventing stretch marks?  I know I have nothing to worry about right now, but I just want to be prepared for when I’ll need extra support for my skin.  Does anyone have any suggestions on anything better?
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