I got my Christmas wish! ♥

Christmas turned out to be GREAT!  Christmas morning I woke up feeling fine.  My hubby and I opened presents.  Then, I finished packaging up my Christmas cookies, and then we went to my parents so I can give my nephew his gifts.  By noon I was feeling sick :(  I ate some crackers, hoping it would make me feel better, and we then headed to Aaron’s parent’s house for Christmas dinner and presents.  When I walked in the door, the food smelled amazing.  When we sat down to eat… I ate and loved it!  The ham was sooo good!  The baked beans were so sweet!  There were crackers, and cheeses, and pickles, and fruit, and the warm rolls were so soft!  I ate everything on my plate, and I didn’t feel sick afterwards!  Did you hear that?  I DIDN’T FEEL SICK AFTERWARDS!  I felt fine!  I felt fine as we were opening up presents.  I felt fine while I was playing with Aaron’s nieces.  I felt fine on the way home!  And when I got home… I ate some more ham!  I still felt fine when I went to bed!

Our baby gave me my Christmas wish :)  He/She really really did!  Christmas was perfect! ♥  THANK YOU Baby Carpenter!

I had another baby checkup a couple days ago, and everything is normal.  My blood pressure is normal, and I got to hear our baby’s heartbeat again. Strong healthy heartbeat ♥  The nurse said I gained 4 pounds, but I really didn’t.  Before I got pregnant I was around 125.  When I got pregnant, and started feeling nauseous, I dropped to 120.   A couple Dr. appointments ago, she weighed me at 118, so I lost even more weight.  Finally, when I was weighed a couple days ago, she said I weighed 122, so she said I gained 4 pounds.  It’s a good sign that I’m getting some weight back, but in my mind I haven’t GAINED any weight yet at all.  Once I start getting past my regular weight of 125 will I start to feel like I’m really gaining weight.  Since the beginning of my pregnancy I haven’t gained an ounce!  I only lost weight… but it finally looks like I might be gaining it back.

Since Christmas I have went back to feeling nauseous.  I have given up thinking that I will just one day feel fine from now on.  This fatigue and sickness is just so random and unpredictable.  I am 15 weeks pregnant, and I can just as easily throw up now as I did when I was 6 weeks pregnant :(   Still, I’m thankful for the welcome relief of the days I feel good :)

On January 23 we will be finding out the sex of our baby!!!

Here’s a 15 weeks belly pic!

I feel like I’m finally starting to get a bit of a belly :)
Here is a video of baby’s progress! 
I got some additional good news!  I got a 4.0 GPA for the semester, and I got my Phi Theta Kappa certificate and pin in the mail!  I can’t wait to see what scholarship opportunities are available to me this year!  I’m so excited, and ready for next semester to start!!!!

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  1. I love reading your blog! Glad you're not feeling sick anymore and also glad that you're gaining that weight to keep that baby nice and healthy =]. Congrats on your academic achievement as well, I'm so happy for you!

  2. Awesome that you felt great for Christmas, but that is too bad the nausea is back again. :( I sure sympathize! :( Can't wait till you find out the gender!Do you have a preference?

  3. The family is split down the middle for the preferences, LOL! Although since you're the one carrying the baby I feel your preference is more important, ha ha! I also preferred a girl first, and was so blessed to get our Lillian. :)

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