Things are looking up!

I had a good week last week! Very productive.  I was able to make it a full week at work for the first time in a long time!  NO nausea! Yay!  My energy level is up! Yay!  I don’t have tons of energy, but enough to get things done without feeling exhausted.  The only thing that’s been bothering me is my sciatic nerve that gives me a zing of pain when I least expect it.  I’ve also been experiencing sharp pains in my lower abdomen when I stand up too fast.  I found out that this is normal.  It’s called “round ligament pain.”  “The round ligaments surround your uterus in your pelvis. As your uterus grows during pregnancy, the ligaments stretch and thicken to accommodate and support it. These changes can occasionally cause pain on one or both sides of your abdomen.”   So I have nothing to worry about. Just grin and bare it :)

We were finally able to sell that huge mattress that doesn’t fit our new bed frame. My brother bought it off of us.  I’m so happy we didn’t have to waste $100 or more on shipping just to return it to the mattress company. Now that we have a pocket full of cash, we’re back at square one; trying to find a thinner mattress that better fits our bed frame.

I started classes this week.  I’m taking History 101 online.  It seems fairly easy so far.  The other class I’m taking this semester is Fitness and Wellness.  I thought that this class would mainly be a typical lecture class where we learn about nutrition.  Well, it isn’t.  In fact, it’s only one hour of lecture, and TWO hours of physical activity!  I am all for exercise, but I am concerned about my physical limitations that I’m dealing with right now.  Not only am I 35, and pregnant.  The baby is pushing on my sciatic nerve, and it hurts just to walk.  I am also an asthmatic, and the dosage of my medication has been reduced because of my pregnancy.  My asthma is still under control, but I am NOT looking forward to deliberately aggravating my asthma every week, and needing to take my inhaler, because I have exercise requirements to fulfill in class.  I hate the fact that I have to expose our baby to my asthma medication, and want to minimize my need for it as much as possible!  I will be talking to my professor next week about my situation, and I REALLY hope this will not negatively effect my grade.  As you know, I am still striving for constant A’s!  We will see what happens.

I think I felt the baby move last night, but I’m not completely sure.  I was lying in bed on my back.  It didn’t feel like a kick or a poke.  It felt like my little sweet potato turned around.  I don’t know if it was the baby or not, but I like to think it was :)

17 weeks belly pic!

Here’s a video of baby’s progress…

I’m getting so excited for January 23rd to be here!  We will find out if it’s a girl or a boy! :)
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  1. Hi =] Glad your nausea went away but sorry about all the pain. Hope that goes away too! Don't work too hard in that fitness class =] I love reading about your progress! Can't wait for the 23rd either, this is so exciting!

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