Big Day Tomorrow!

Well, tomorrow we will be finding out if we’re having a boy or girl!  I’m excited, and nervous.  I’m praying that the baby is healthy and perfect.  My age, and the fact that I’m an asthmatic having to take asthma medication is always a constant worry to me.  I will be 36 years old in only a couple weeks.  I pray that Baby Carpenter is perfectly fine.  I will be happy having a boy or a girl, because I do want to have both in our family.  I would just like to have a girl first :)   Lord, please consider this an early Birthday present for me :)  I’m so anxious to see what God has in store for us, and if problems come our way during my pregnancy, I just have to keep holding God’s hand no matter what.

My appetite is finally back!  To celebrate, my hubby took me out on a date :)  I haven’t been out to eat in at least 4 months because of my constant nausea.  It felt great to be at Longhorn Steakhouse, eating an oh so tender beef filet, buttery asparagus, hot bread and butter, and lobster/shrimp cheese dip.  Aaron was really happy :)  We even took home two huge slices of chocolate cake.  It was DELICIOUS!

Guess what!???  I am finally starting to feel the baby move!  I think it was that beef filet that made his/her muscles grow! :)  It feels like small little wiggles, or tiny pokes here and there.  I wish Aaron could feel them, but they’re so subtle that only I can feel them right now :(  I sort of feel bad when the baby kicks because I can’t yet share this with Aaron. 
I was able to talk with my Fitness and Wellness Professor about my pregnancy.  She is very accommodating, and now that she knows about my pregnancy, and asthma, she will be adjusting the exercise curriculum to suit my needs.  Yay!  I believe I still have a chance at excelling in the class, and getting my A!  :)
18 weeks belly pic!
Video of baby’s progress!
I can’t wait to share the news with you tomorrow!  Pink or blue nursery?  We will see!
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