She’s movin’ and groovin’!

Aaron finally felt the baby move!  I loved that first moment I saw his face when he just realized that little bump against his hand was the baby :)  I was so excited for him!

Although he wanted a boy first, you should have seen his face when we were having our ultrasound done, and I said, “It’s a girl! It’s a girl!”   I think my excitement is contagious to him.  His eyes lit up, and his smile grew wider.  His love for me is evident :)   I’m so blessed to have him ♥

I gained a little more weight.  I weighed 125 pounds at the Dr’s office.  Nausea is still gone.  Appetite is growing.  Energy level is increasing.

I did a mile walk in my Fitness and Wellness class last week, and I was only 3 minutes behind the majority of students in their 20’s.  I thought I did pretty good!  Unfortunately, according to the score I calculated, based on my age, height, weight, time it took to walk the mile, heartbeat, pulse, etc … I didn’t even make the category of “very poor.”  How can that be?  I walked the mile in 19 minutes, and the younger students finished in 16 minutes.  I guess the whole class did poorly?  I’m really surprised I got such a low score.  I’m going to practice on the treadmill, and hope I can increase my speed without having to use my asthma medicine.

19 week belly pic!

This morning she was moving alot while we were still in bed.  She was rolling around and around!  It didn’t feel like a kick or poke.  Even Aaron said it felt like a bump sliding across his hand.  She was spinning like a ballerina!

Video of baby’s progress…
We are still thinking about the perfect name for our baby girl.  Right now it’s nice to be talking about names just with Aaron, and hopefully in time we’ll make a decision and let everyone know :)
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