3rd Trimester! Woo Hoo! Week 28!!!

I am now going in for my Dr check-ups every two weeks!  I just had a Dr appointment today, and everything is going great.  My glucose screening test came back normal! Yay!  Faith’s heartbeat is strong as ever, and she’s wiggling and squirming more than ever.  It’s funny, when I have my PJ’s on, and the elastic waistband is around my tummy, she kicks at it.  When I move the waistband down lower, she goes down and kicks at it lol!  I had my textbook on my belly the other night, and she kicked at it twice.  She wants full control of her womb!  My sister says she sounds just like me.  And as Aaron said before, “I bet she has the umbilical cord coiled up neatly like a garden hose…”

I just measured my waist and it’s 39 1/2 inches.  Aaron’s is 37 inches lol.  I can’t believe I’m bigger.  I remember my waist being about 29 inches before I was pregnant.

28 week big belly pic!


The stomach muscles on my sides are so uncomfortable in the evening.  They are stretched taught, and when I go to bed at night, I can’t twist or turn.  My muscles are pulled so tightly, I simply can’t contract them to use them for movement.  It’s so frustrating!  The Dr said, “Yes… and it’s probably going to get worse…”   Yay me.Aaron’s mom made us beef stroganoff for dinner tonight.  It was so yummy!  It was loaded with mushrooms!  Aaron doesn’t like mushrooms, so he gave me all of his :)   I just wish my belly could hold more food!Video of baby’s progress!
A friend posted this on my Facebook wall the other day.  Hilarious!  I have to share this … Pregnant and I Know It (Funny Music Video!)
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