Wow. 30 weeks!

The BIG 30!  Just 10 more weeks to go!


I weigh close to 150 pounds now.  Wow.  It is getting very uncomfortable to eat large meals.  If I eat too much, I have no room to breathe!   I will need to get new shirts soon because they are now reaching their stretching point.I found another super cute time-lapse video I wanted to share …


Baby Faith has been kicking and moving around like crazy these past couple days.  I know she’s getting anxious to move out :)   Sometimes I tell her, “Just wait until you meet your Daddy.  He’s so much fun.  You’re gonna love him.”  I just know she’s going to be a Daddy’s girl 100% :)

I wish I knew what position she is in because when she wiggles or kicks, I can never tell if I’m feeling a hand, elbow, knee, foot, etc.   I’m getting so anxious to see this little girl.  Tomorrow is my next baby-checkup.  They’ll check my weight, blood pressure, and measure my tummy.  So far everything has been right on track; healthy and normal :)

Video of baby’s progress!

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