Semester is over! No homework! Week 33!

Ahh my first weekend with NO studying.  So what did I do?  Aaron and I went walking around McCormick’s Creek State Park.  Well, we tried to walk the easy .6 mile trail, but after only a little while outside in this heat, I changed my mind.  However, we did still take some pretty photos :)

I’m really excited to be done with classes until August!  Baby Faith has perfect timing.  She will be conveniently arriving between semesters!  Good girl! :)33 week belly pic!


Here is another 33 weeks belly pic that I took when I was playing around with my camera…


Only 7 more weeks to go.  Wow.  Aaron and I were at Pizza Hut today, and the waitress said I was glowing, lol!  I told her I don’t feel that way, but thanks!  She was sweet, and didn’t charge us for our drinks.  She said she is about to be an aunt for the first time.  She was really excited.   Such a friendly waitress.I found the perfect maternity nightgown!  I’m a strawberry fanatic.  This is totally me :)


Video of baby’s progress!
Well, now that I’m done with classes… I think I will continue crocheting my baby blanket! :)  Oh, and I might even bake some banana bread, too!  Woo hoo!
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