I got a gorgeous highchair, and met an awesome photographer… all in one day! :)

Today started out kind of blah, but this evening has been great!  Aaron and I went to another baby-check up today.  I now weigh 156 pounds.  Blood pressure is great.  Baby’s weight, and heartbeat are perfect.  I now will begin seeing the Dr. every week until I deliver.

When we got home,  Aaron and I went to pick up an antique highchair that we found on Craigslist for cheap.   It is a Pulaski Keepsakes Solid Oak High Chair.  You wouldn’t find this type of highchair in Walmart or Target.  It is exactly what I’ve been looking for!   And this highchair was right in town!  It was only minutes away!  What luck!



Look at the detail!

But the BEST part is getting to meet the woman who sold it to us.  I LOVE how God works!!!   Her name is Shelia, and she is an extremely talented photographer of She Designs Photography!   I have been a fan of her work for awhile!  And Aaron and I got to meet her!  As you know from my previous blog post, photography is my obsession, and is also fast becoming Aaron’s obsession, too.   So as you can imagine, I was SO excited to meet Shelia!   Sure, we talked about the highchair for a little bit, but our conversation with her quickly turned to photography!  :)  She is so sweet!  She gave us advice and suggestions on photography lenses, and she also told us about Kip May who offers photography classes here in town!   I just loved meeting her.  We got a beautiful highchair, and met a wonderful woman.  We are now Facebook friends, and I’ll try my best not to bombard her with too many photography questions!  :)

Oh, I forgot to mention,  Shelia has had that highchair for 30 years!  And it was sitting in the same spot in her home for that long!  Now that Shelia and I are friends on Facebook, she won’t have time to miss her highchair because as soon as Faith is big enough to sit in it, I will be snapping pictures!  I think it’s pretty cool that she can continue to see her highchair being put to use after 30 years of having it :)

God meant for us to have that highchair, and meet Shelia!  It turned out to be a perfect day! ♥

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