Baby Shower! Food, Family, Friends, and Week 35!

I had an amazing weekend.  Aaron and I drove about 160 miles up north to have a baby shower that my family put together for me.  Most of my friends and family live up in the northern Indiana and Chicago area.  I was born and raised in Chicago, and I miss home so much.  I have to say, it was so wonderful getting to see so much family, and my old childhood friends!  Best of all, my 90 year old Grandmother came to the party!  I was smiling from ear to ear when she came up to me.  She rubbed my belly, all smiles, and said, “So precious!  So precious!”

We had a pot-luck baby shower, and there were so many delicious foods to eat.  We had a beautiful pink and white sweet table, with yummy cupcakes and candy.  I made the cupcakes, and the floral centerpieces.  I had so much fun putting the flowers together, and making 72 cupcakes the day before the shower!  My kitchen smelled soooo goooood! ♥


The baby shower was just amazing.  The gift table was filled to overflowing!  Kids were running around everywhere!  There was even a piano to play, and the kids were banging on the keys!  I absolutely loved every single minute of it!  I even got to play the piano with one of my friend’s kids… who is very talented for his age.  My husband got a video of our piano duet.  I had SO MUCH FUN!My sister happened to find a beautiful rocking chair downstairs in the Church we were in.  She brought it upstairs and placed it next to the gift table.  It was perfect for me!  It even had strawberries painted on it!  How awesome is that?  Truly… it was the BEST baby shower EVER! :)

Aaron and I went picture CRAZY of course!  There were just SO MANY beautiful things to capture!  Food, candy, flowers, gifts, balloons, tons of family, friends and hyper kids!  We just could NOT put our camera down!  We wanted to capture every single moment!

So here are the pictures!  Don’t forget to click on the pictures to enlarge them, and to also read captions!

Here is a video of a piano duet with little Bobby!  After that, Austin inhaled helium for the first time.  He asked me,  “Is my voice going to go back to normal?”  After I assured him it would, he was having fun!  Haha!  Love these kids! :)

After we got home, we unloaded our gifts from the car.  Put them all on the living room floor, and literally went straight to bed.  We both were exhausted, but happy.  The next morning I snapped pictures of each baby shower gift I received, and also the adorable gift bags, and beautiful cards I got!   This baby blog is pretty much my baby book, and I love to document every moment and every picture.  I don’t ever want to forget the great gifts I got from my loved ones!  And I want to thank every one of you for all of the gifts.  Aaron and I couldn’t be more happy, and I feel so blessed!

Thank you to everyone that helped out so much with the Baby Shower.  It couldn’t have been more perfect!  And thank you to all of you who could make it!  It means so much to us!  I’ve updated my Baby Registry in case those of you who couldn’t make it would still like to send a gift or card.   Aaron and I are preparing for a small baby shower on his Birthday, June 9th.  This will be his last “not-a-Daddy” birthday.  Haha!   But I will be getting him a few “Daddy-to-be” gifts!  We will be getting together with Aaron’s friends and family to celebrate, and I can’t wait!  We will be having a barbecue at the park.  I can’t wait to soak up some sun, prop my feet up and relax!  :)  Let’s just hope that Faith does NOT arrive yet!  June 9th is only a couple weeks away from my due date!  Fingers crossed!What a weekend!  I am getting more and more fatigued.  It’s hard to sleep.  I’m awake at least half the night, every night.  If I’m not peeing, I’m trying to change positions to get more comfortable; however, nothing helps.  My back hurts, and my feet have now gotten so water-logged I can’t wear socks without them leaving deep rings around my legs :(


My poor feet :(
I love my husband so much!  He always does what he can to make me more comfortable.  Love his foot massages :)

Best Hubby EVER! ♥

My funny guy :)

I’ll say it again! LOVE HIM!!! ♥

Several weeks ago I told Aaron I want a pinwheel for my flower bed.  He laughed at me and said I was silly.  He’s not a fan of pinwheels, lol.   I came home from work just the other day, and while I was driving up, I saw a pinwheel on our mailbox.  I smiled.  He’s so sweet.  Then, as I was pulling into the driveway, I saw more!  I started laughing!  Aaron was kneeling by a tree and started snapping pictures, haha!



LOVE HIM! ♥ ♥ ♥35 week belly pic!


Video of baby’s progress!

My next baby check-up is Wednesday.  I will be having an examination this time, and a Group B Streptococcus screening.  Wish us luck!

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