1/2 Centimeter Dilated! 70% Effaced! WEEK 37!

I just had my weekly baby-checkup.  My blood pressure is still a little high.  They checked it 3 times.  My poor arm had red welts on it.  I have really sensitive skin, and can’t stand the blood pressure cuff.

The first time it was 150/70.  The second time it was 139/72.  The third time it was 129/70 something… I can’t remember.   So anyway,  they want me back in 4 days, instead of waiting a full week, to keep a closer eye on my blood pressure.

My urine sample was normal, and the Group B test I took last week was negative, so that’s good!  After my cervical exam, the Dr said I was 1/2 centimeter dilated, and 70% effaced.  He said that it’s normal to be around 50% effaced, but I’m at 70%.  I’m making progress!  He said, “That means you probably won’t have to be induced.”  Yay!  Baby Faith may arrive sooner than expected!   By week 37 I am now considered full-term so whenever she plans on making an appearance, it will be completely normal, and she should be fine.

Since the exam I have been having some spotting.  This is the first time this has happened to me so I called the doctor just to make sure it isn’t anything to worry about.  The doctor on call said, “It’s normal for some bleeding to occur up to 24 hours after an exam.”  So we don’t have to make a mad rush to the hospital.  I am having no contractions or any pain.  Well, a little pain, and alot of pressure near the bottom of my belly, especially when I’m standing/walking, but nothing intolerable.  I don’t believe I’ve even had any Braxton Hicks contractions, yet.

Last week I wasn’t dilated or effaced at all.  It’s great to see that my body is finally preparing for delivery.  Please keep us all in your prayers for a safe delivery, and a happy healthy baby.


37 week belly pic!


Video of baby’s progress!

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