Today’s Baby Check-Up

Well, it’s a gloomy, rainy morning, and I just got back from my follow-up appointment to re-check my blood pressure.  I thought I would only be there briefly, but no;  I was there for almost 2 hours.  I really wish Aaron was with me today.  I didn’t think he needed to be there, but it turns out I really wanted him with me.  I don’t know why, but the closer I am to my due date, the more clingy I am towards him.  I don’t like when he’s far away at work :(

So, I get to the doctor’s office, and give a urine sample.  They checked my weight; 163 lbs. and then my blood pressure; 153/90.  My BP was even higher than last time.  At this point, I am getting very nervous.  Is this a symptom of preeclampsia?  Will my BP go down?  Will they want to induce me?

While waiting for the doctor, I saw the calendar on the wall.  For the month of June, it had strawberries on it :)


I took this as a good sign :)  It reminded me of when I just bought my fixer-upper home, and while I was removing my old kitchen cabinets (and having a really bad day that day) I found a picture with strawberries on it, and a Bible verse that gave me reassurance…


That picture is hanging up in my kitchen now :)  It’s true … If you seek Him, you will find Him – Matthew 7:7.   You just have to keep your eyes open, and you will see Him ALL of the time… right when you need Him.

The doctor finally came in, and did another cervical exam.  I am 1 centimeter dilated, and 75% effaced.  Once again, I am bleeding after the exam, and feeling a little crampy, but not bad.  After the exam, she said, “Your urine sample came back normal.  No protein in the urine, but I’m concerned about your blood pressure.  So I want a Fetal Non-Stress Test (NST), a 24-hour urine test, and a blood test done.”

I was moved to another room where there was a couch to lie on, and a fetal monitor next to it.  They placed two straps around my belly.  One for the baby’s heartbeat, and one to measure my contractions.  The nurse said, “The baby’s heartbeat should be around 140 to 160 beats per minute, and the contractions can range from 0 to 100.”  I told the nurse, “I’m not having any contractions yet.”  I guess it’s just procedure to monitor everything.  They told me that the test would last about 15 minutes.  It turned out I was lying there for about an hour.

At first Faith wasn’t moving at all.  I knew she was sleeping.  Her heart rate was fine, but the line that was recording her movement showed no activity; no spikes or dips on the paper that was coming out of the fetal monitor.  What was interesting was that the line that monitors my contractions were spiking to a little over 50.  I had no idea I have been having contractions.   No pain; no pressure.

After about a half hour, they brought me some cold apple juice.  That woke up Faith.  She started wiggling around; happy to get some sugar! :)  I was starting to get cold.  The AC and the cold juice was making me shiver.  It was hard to drink the juice while lying down.  I was getting uncomfortable on that couch, but I just continued to listen to Faith’s heartbeat, and watched the paper feed.  I really wanted my hubby with me.

A couple nurses came in intermittently to tear off the paper feed and give it to the doctor.  They didn’t explain the test results to me, yet, but Faith’s heart beat, movement, and my contractions seems normal to me.  I wasn’t in pain or stress, and Faith didn’t seem to be either.

After about an hour hooked up to the monitor, another nurse came in to re-check my blood pressure.  It was 116/60!  She said, “It’s real good.”  Yay!   Shortly after that,  the doctor said I was free to go home.  I asked about the non-stress test; hoping to get a little more information about the contractions I am having, and if Faith’s movements are frequent enough, but all the nurse said to me was, “The doctor said everything looks fine!”

They gave me a bag that contains what I need for the 24 hour urine test, and then scheduled me for another appointment in two days; Wednesday at 8:30 am.  At my next appointment I will give them the urine, and they will give me a blood test.  I hate needles, but I need to toughen up!   I won’t make Aaron stay home from work to go with me,  but I won’t complain if he does :)

Those belts strapped to me left indentations.  Goodness I’m so puffy and swollen.


I’m glad to be home now.  I just want to relax, and wait for Aaron to come home.   Please pray that both urine, and blood tests come back normal!   Faith is tough!  Just a few more weeks to go! :)
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