Baby blanket, Cleaning, Cooking, Last Day of Work, and Week 38!

I wonder if this will be my last baby-update post.  These past few days have been exhausting for me.  I don’t know if I can carry this kid much longer.  It is SO difficult to simply turn over in bed during the night without pain and discomfort.  It truly feels like I am trying to shift 10+ pounds with extremely weak abdomen muscles during the night.  Getting up to pee all night is a major struggle, too.

Yes, this may be my last baby-update post.

Wednesday I had a follow-up visit at the doctor to give them my 24 hour urine sample, get my blood pressure checked, and get some blood drawn.  Aaron was able to go with me :)   His way of distracting me while getting blood drawn was to put his finger in my ear.  Nice :)   I don’t know what the test results are on the urine, and blood, but my blood pressure was much lower! 126/83!  The doctor doesn’t seem to be worried, and he said, “I’m sure the tests will come back normal.”  I also had another cervical exam.  I’m still at 1 centimeter dilated, and 75% effaced.  My next appointment is Wednesday at 8:15 am.  Unless I go into labor

Last Friday was my last day of work.  I won’t be returning.  I plan on staying home for at least a year with the baby, and after that I hope to get a job at a licensed daycare or preschool, which will allow me to get my TEACH Grant.  This grant will pay 90% of my tuition when I continue on to St. Mary of the Woods college to get my bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood education.

Leaving my place of employment was more difficult than I thought it would be.  I have been there for 12 years, and my co-workers, and boss became friends and family to me.  They surprised me with a cake, flowers, card, and some things for the baby at the end of the day!

This cake was so yummy! Fresh strawberries!

My boss got me diapers, wipes, baby wash, flowers, a cake, and card. I was so surprised, and so thankful :)

Everyone signed the card. It was hard to say goodbye to everyone.
It was really hard to pack up my things before leaving work.  Before I touched anything, I took pictures on my phone of the things that have accumulated over the years.  I wanted to remember it all just as it was, before I packed everything up.

This is my cubicle.

The picture to the left is Randy. My co-worker, and friend that passed away several years ago. The little boy in the other picture is my nephew when he was 3 years old.

Randy would get me stickers from those claw machines all of the time :)

More stickers that Randy gave me :)

To the left is a shoebox with seashells in it. My co-worker’s daughter, Kelsey, made this for me. I’ve watched her grow up from a baby to 11 years old!

Some of the books that have accumulated at my desk over the years.
Fortunately, my boss said if he really needs me, I can try and work a little from home.  I’m thankful that I can earn some money without being away from Faith.  So I won’t be a total stranger.  I will still get to see them all from time to time.   It won’t be the same as before, but they will still be a part of my life.  Now when I see them they will be called, Uncle Joel, Uncle Ray, Auntie Michelle, and Auntie Christina ♥

Since I’ve been home with no job to go to, and classes are out for the semester, I’ve been trying to catch up on some cleaning and organizing.   Chores have been wearing me out so fast!  I’m all caught up with laundry and dishes, but I haven’t yet summoned up enough energy to sweep, vacuum, and mop all of the floors, or clean out the fridge.  There’s still lots of dusting to do, bathrooms to clean, windows and counter tops to wash down.   At least everything is put away, and organized.  All except the garage, ugh :(

I also have been trying to finish the baby blanket I’m crocheting for Faith.


It will be little crocheted squares of pink, and white.  Once it’s all put together I plan on stitching her name on it ♥

Tomorrow is Aaron’s birthday!  We are going to have a small get-together at the park with Aaron’s friends and family to celebrate his birthday, and the upcoming arrival of our baby girl ♥  I can’t wait!  Most likely I will be reclining in a lawn chair most of the time, but I know I will enjoy the party :)  I will post pictures after the party… if I’m not in labor, and at the hospital :)

Last week me and Aaron went to his parent’s house so his mom, Terri, can give us some cooking lessons. I can’t make sausage gravy without it turning out extremely bland and pasty.  Aaron can’t fry hash-browns without it turning into a pile of white slime. So off we went on Saturday morning to learn a thing or two.  I had fun :)


It turns out I was making the sausage gravy all wrong.  I would add butter and flour first to make a roux, then I would add milk, salt, and pepper, the let it thicken up.  Lastly I would had the cooked sausage.  I didn’t realize I was making a tasteless white gravy!  Terri cooked the sausage first, then added flour, then milk.  It thickened up nicely and was FULL of flavor!  The sausage flavored the gravy.  DUH!  I was doing it backwards.

When Aaron was trying to fry hash-browns,  the oil wasn’t nearly hot enough for the potatoes to brown, and they just turned into oil soaked mush.  Terri waited for the oil to get hot enough to where you can see waves moving in the cast iron pan.  It was very hot, and the potatoes browned perfectly.  I need to get a cast iron pan.  Breakfast was delicious!  Thanks Terri! ♥



Aaron’s Aunt Lola made a coconut cream pie just for us to take home!  I can’t wait to get some baking lessons from her next!  But before going straight home to devour that pie, we stopped at a restaurant to eat a different pie :)  This little restaurant makes the most mouth watering strawberry pie!  I just had to have it!  Every summer they make sure to let everyone know when their strawberries are in season, and the pies are made!

We sat outside, and I waited for those huge, fresh strawberries topped with whip cream.  Omgoodness it was sooo good.





Yes I ate it ALL!

I waited until later in the day to try Aunt Lola’s coconut cream pie.  I was stuffed for most of the day,  but once my hunger returned… forget dinner… I wanted that pie!



It was SO pretty, and SO delicious!  Aaron agreed :)


See… no wonder I can’t hold this baby inside me anymore!  All this good food has fattened her up! :)   I won’t be surprised if Faith comes out crying for Mamaw Carpenter’s biscuits and gravy, Aunt Lola’s coconut pie, and a few plump strawberries, instead of milk!!! :)

38 week belly pic!


Video of baby’s progress!
Well, maybe I will post another baby-update next week.  We will see!  Anyone want to tell me when they think this little girl will arrive? :)
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