Aaron’s Birthday, Baby Shower #2, Baby Check-up, and WEEK 39!!!

This past Saturday was Aaron’s birthday, so we had a birthday/baby shower at the park with Aaron’s friends and family.  It was so much fun.  We had a cookout; hamburgers, hotdogs, potato salad, coleslaw, soda, popsicles, and cake :)  Yum!  The kids had tons of fun.  The weather was nice.  Sunny, but not too hot.  Loved it!

I got Aaron a “Certified New Daddy 2012” gift package from Daddy Scrubs.  He can wear his new t-shirt and cap to the hospital :)  We also got more baby items we needed, and we are now officially ready for this little girl to arrive!

Friends, Brian, and his fiance Catherine.

Papaw Moose and Aaron’s nieces, Abby and Lilly.

Lilly playing with the baby girl balloon :)

Uh oh it got away. Lilly was sad :(

Abby shared the other balloon with Lilly. They were both holding on to the string lol! That one didn’t get away :)

Brother in-law, Tom, and sis-in-law, Amber, with Abby and Lilly ♥
I had another baby-check up yesterday.  I’m still at 1 centimeter dilated, and 75% effaced.  No change :(  The doctor said, “She is still up there…”  I guess she hasn’t fully descended, yet :(  No wonder I still can’t breathe.  I would have thought for sure I would be dilated more, but no.  Maybe Faith won’t come early afterall.  However, after my cervical exam, I have been feeling more cramps, and alot of pressure and tightness across my belly that comes in waves.  With each wave of pressure, my belly gets rock hard, and I feel my lungs being squished, and it’s really hard to breathe.  Also, I feel my pulse throbbing in my neck, and even my teeth throbbing.  Still, no alarming pain.  We will just have to wait and see what happens.

My blood pressure was 130/80 the first time they took it, but the second time it was 120/70.  Normal, and nothing to worry about.  However, he would like me to stop by the office on Monday to re-check my blood pressure.  We bought a blood pressure monitor at Walmart, and this morning it was 147/70.  I will take it again later on.

My next baby check-up will June 19th (two days away from my due date) if I don’t have Faith before then.  My urine sample came back fine again, and I weigh 164 pounds.  I’ve gained about 40 pounds since getting pregnant!  The doctor said after feeling my belly that he estimates the baby’s weight to be around 7 pounds 14 ounces.  Wow… I might be delivering an 8 pound baby.  I hope I can do it.   I am getting nervous now…. the thought of delivering a baby for the first time that may weigh 8 pounds is scary.  I pray there are no complications, and that I can still manage to deliver her without pitocin, an epidural, or a c-section.  I do hope and pray she gets here soon, so I don’t have to be induced.  But no matter what happens, God is in full control.  I am holding onto His hand, and following Him wherever He leads me.


39 week belly pic!

Video of baby’s progress!

I wonder if I’ll be posting a 40 weeks baby update next week?  Or maybe she’s waiting to arrive on Father’s Day? :)  Only 3 days away!  Stay tuned!

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