9 Months Pregnant … Week 40.

Well today is the day of my due date…

Earlier this week I had another baby check-up.  I’m still at 1 centimeter dilated.  No change for a few weeks now.  My blood pressure was in the normalish range.  137/73.  My urine sample came back normal.  I weigh 164.  Still no worries about preeclampsia.  Thank God.

After the cervical exam, the doctor checked the baby’s heartbeat.  It was a little slow, so he had me take another non-stress test.  Aaron was with me this time, so he got to see what the monitor does.  The baby was moving a whole lot this time, and there were many spikes indicating her movement printed on the paper feed.   Her heart-rate was normal. Everything looked fine.  For awhile I had no contractions, but eventually some contractions started showing up on the paper feed as well.  This time my contractions were up in the 60’s range.  Last time I took the test, they were in the 50’s range.  I asked the nurse if they were just Braxton Hicks contractions because I feel no pain, just pressure.  She didn’t really give me a clear answer on that, and said, “Well everyone’s pain threshold is different…”   When I asked the doctor the same question, he said, “If there’s no pain, they don’t count as contractions.”  So I guess I finally know that what I’ve been feeling is just Braxton Hicks contractions.

After the test was over, the doctor wanted me to have an ultrasound done.  We got to see our baby girl’s little face again :)   Also,  we were able to get a much closer estimate of what Faith currently weighs during the ultrasound.  The new estimate is 8 pounds 7 ounces!  Healthy girl :)   The ultrasound came back normal.  Heartbeat is good, her movements are good, her body and organs are perfect,  placenta and amniotic fluid is good.  Everything is good!  She’s just a stubborn little chubby faced girl who still wants to hang out awhile in her mommy’s tummy I guess.  Aaron said, “No, she wants out.  Your body is being stubborn and won’t dilate!”  I think he’s right.   Her movements tell me she is wanting to see her Daddy bad!  When he rubs my belly, she moves.  When he talks to me first thing in the morning, she wakes up.  Ugh… I wish my body would just cooperate!

After seeing her face, again.  Aaron FINALLY admits that she looks like him!  I knew it all along, and he would refuse to believe me, until now :)  I put Aaron’s infant photo next to Faith’s 3D ultrasound photo… and yep, she is Daddy’s little girl!!! ♥   I love it.



Just look at that squished little chubby face!  She has no room to move!  Poor little chunker lol! :)

The doctor has scheduled me for another non-stress test for tomorrow at 8 am.  Just to keep monitoring baby-girl to make sure the placenta is still doing it’s job, and that she is not in distress.  I believe I will be having another cervical exam also, to see if I’ve dilated anymore.  He will also be discussing our options for induction, too :(  I really don’t want to be induced, but I know my plans may change.  What’s important is just allowing God’s plans to take over.  Still, I’m praying for our baby to arrive on her own, and when my body is ready to bring her into this world.  This waiting game is hard.

40 weeks belly pic!  Still, no stretch marks!  And yes, my tiny belly button has finally popped out :)


Video of baby’s progress!
Wow.  I really am 40 weeks pregnant.  I was just thinking this morning as I was lying in bed, not wanting to get up AGAIN to go pee… how lucky I am.  I’ve been reflecting on this journey alot lately.  I realize I have vented a fair amount of complaints.  First trimester; nausea.  Now I am constantly swollen, feet hurt, fat fingers, and always so so tired.  However, I am realizing just how blessed I am to have these issues to even complain about.  I am 36 years old.  I was losing hope about ever becoming a wife and a mother.  And not just any wife, and any mother.  The BEST wife and the BEST mother I can possibly be!  I have always wanted to be a wife and mother. Those two words mean so much to me.  WIFE.  MOTHER.  Aside from GOD… those two words are sacred to me.  And God has blessed me with BOTH those titles.  He didn’t have to, but He did :)

He really did! :)  Sometimes I still can’t believe it.  I am a wife.  I am about to be a mother.  I want to look back at my pregnancy with absolute awe of Him, and what He has given me.  I want to change my words to, “I have fat fingers! Yay! That’s because I’m pregnant with God’s gift inside of me!”  “I can’t walk. I am water-logged to the bone!  Thank you God!  It’s because I’m supporting the extra weight of a new life You’re about to give us!”  “I have more laundry to do!  I have more meals to make!  I have more things packed into my house!  Hallelujah!!!!  It’s because God has hand-picked me the most wonderful husband in the world who loves ME!!!”

I regret complaining.  I do.  With every complaint rings the sound of ungratefulness.  Although God knows my heart, and the joy and thankfulness I do feel… my mouth shouldn’t utter otherwise.  But I know, as all pregnant women know, that sometimes we just can’t help it :)   Thank goodness for a loving and forgiving Father, right? :)

I am a wife :)  I’m smiling as I say this out loud.  I am about to be a mom.  And when the inevitable bumps in the road do come my way … I never want to lose sight of the fact that God has truly blessed me.  He really did :)

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