Today’s Baby-Checkup

Well I had another NST done.  The doctor said, “It looks beautiful.”  Faith was wiggling around alot, and her heartbeat was strong. She was kicking like crazy at the belt around my stomach that monitors my contractions.  Everytime she would kick at it, a spike would show up on the paper feed showing a contraction,  but it wasn’t really a contraction lol.  She is so tightly packed in there, she does NOT want the extra pressure of those belts around my tummy!  Stubborn little girl.


Blood pressure was 134/78 I think.  They’re happy with that, and not worried.  I weigh 165.  I had my cervical exam.  The doctor said I am almost at 2 centimeters dilated, but not quite.  So he marked it down as 1 centimeter still :(   He wants me back on Monday morning for another NST, cervical exam, and ultrasound.  If I haven’t gone into labor on my own during this weekend … we will be discussing (and possibly scheduling) an induction :(  He said, “With a first-time delivery, pitocin can increase the chances of a c-section.”  Please pray that I don’t have to be induced.  I am really hoping to avoid a c-section.I asked him, “Will walking around alot help induce labor?” He said, “No. Walking only helps once labor has begun.”  He said, “What really helps trigger labor is sex.” <— Click on that link if you want to know all of the details :)

It looks like hubby and I will be busy all weekend ♥

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