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I want to first say thank you to everyone that has been reading my blog, and posting supportive messages on my Facebook page as well.  Thank you also to my new readers that have sent me a message or left me a comment introducing themselves, and sharing words of encouragement.  I really appreciate it, and I’m glad to have virtually met you. ♥

I rescheduled my baby check-up today for a different time.  The previous day I was monitoring my blood pressure at home, and I noticed that it was at its lowest right around noon time (it was at its highest in the early morning, and evening.)  I was fortunate to be able to reschedule for 1:30 today instead of 8 am this morning.  This proved to be a good decision.

I did get a lower blood pressure reading at the doctor’s office. It was 138/74.  It was under that dangerous number of 140/90, so I felt better.  My urine test came back fine.  My non-stress test came back fine.  Nothing out of the normal.  Baby’s heartbeat was strong, and her movements were good.  My Braxton Hicks contractions were pretty random this time.  There was nothing that showed distress with the baby or with myself.  Oh, and I lost 5 pounds.  I weighed 166 at my last check-up 2 days ago, and now I weigh 161.  I think the weight loss is caused by a mixture of stress (when I’m stressed I have no appetite) and I also cut out all sodium.  No frozen dinners, no canned vegetables, no meat, and no coffee.  Just fresh fruit and veggies, rice, and lots of water.  I am trying very hard to keep my blood pressure down, and in the process I lost 5 pounds of water weight by cutting out so much sodium in my diet.

I met with a different OB doctor today.  I’ve seen her only once before earlier in my pregnancy.   She really eased my nerves, and thoroughly talked with me in a much more personal and attentive way than the other doctors that I usually see.  One of the first things she said was, “I always prefer a natural start to labor…”   She immediately put me at ease.  She’s such a cute little doctor lol,  in her 40’s or early 50’s, really short with dark longish hair, dark glasses and a happy smile.  She explained to me why she thinks the other doctors have been pushing for induction.  She said that since my blood pressure is near the edge of concern (140/90) I could be at risk for placental abruption.  High blood pressure could cause the placenta to detach from the uterus wall causing hemorrhaging, and depriving the baby of oxygen and nutrients.   It can be a dangerous complication, and can happen suddenly.  She said that my blood pressure should normally be 120/80 or lower.  If it was around that number, induction would not be an issue at all.  She also said that since I don’t smoke, and have not had chronic hypertension in the past, she is not too worried yet, although she is concerned.

She then went ahead and did a cervical exam on me.  I am now 2 centimeters dilated, 70 to 80% effaced, and baby’s head is engaged at a -2 station.  A slight improvement!  Yay!  I then asked her if she could sweep my membranes, and she did.  This can help start labor.  I was expecting it to hurt, but I didn’t feel any pain.  And now, I am feeling crampy :)   I do believe I am having mild contractions.  I just hope and pray they continue at a steady pace!   Sweeping the membranes may or may not start labor, but at least it’s something that is done naturally which will allow my body to respond in its own way.

I asked her more questions about Cervidil and Pitocin.  She said that since I am already slightly dilated, and mostly effaced,  I am a good candidate for going into labor just with the Cervidil alone.  Cervidil is mainly used to ripen and dilate my cervix in order to prepare it for contractions once Pitocin is administered,  but sometimes the dilation and effacement caused by Cervidil will get labor started all on its own, so I may not even need Pitocin.  This is a great relief to me because Cervidil (from what I’ve read) initially starts with milder gradual contractions (if it causes contractions at all.)  I think I will be less nervous about being induced with Cervidil than with Pitocin.  However, she said, “Contrary to popular belief, Pitocin does gradually cause contractions.”  She made it sound like if I needed Pitocin, I will have a window of time to prepare myself for the stronger contractions that Pitocin will cause.  Of course, I’m still nervous about being induced, and I still want to avoid it completely … but she did ease my nerves just a little bit more.  She also said that in her experience she has seen raspberry leaf tea help start contractions.  So I’m sitting here drinking some right now.


Since the placenta is working perfect, baby is not in distress, I’m not in distress, and she knows that I’m really wanting to avoid induction … she said I can wait a little longer :)   I have to do another 24-hour urine test to make sure no protein is in my urine, and there’s no sign of preeclampsia.   If I don’t go into labor before Friday,  I will meet with one of the male doctors I see regularly.  We expect to be pressured by the doctor to have an induction, but I will ask him if he can sweep my membranes again, and see if he will allow the induction to be scheduled for Monday if another membrane sweep doesn’t work before then.  Why Monday?  Because the lovely doctor we just met with today is on call Monday and Tuesday :)  The reason I like her so much is because she didn’t make us feel we had no control over these decisions.  She didn’t pressure induction.  She only suggested it.  I can tell she really wants to honor my wishes if at all possible.  Of course, if I see her on Monday at the hospital, that means I’m there for an induction, and I will begin with Cervidil, and hope that labor will start with that alone.  I am hoping and praying my labor can continue on its own after Cervidil is placed in my cervix.  Praying for no Pitocin, epidural, or c-section.It just so happens that Monday is our first year anniversary ♥   Not the best way to celebrate; in a hospital … but we will be together, and if labor progresses fast … then Faith may arrive that very day (if she doesn’t decide to make her appearance before then.)  As always, it’s in God’s hands, and according to His plan.

Tomorrow I will be posting my 41 weeks baby update!  Unless she comes tonight.  I am already working hard on that :)

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