At Hospital

It is almost 10:00 now after getting settled in.  I signed some papers first.  Changed into my gown.  Got my blood pressure taken several times.  It was very high at first.  I think the highest was 157/97.  I know it’s because of the stress I’m feeling.  After lying down for almost an hour it went down as low 120/65.

Then I had blood drawn.  It hurt.  After that, I had to have a Heparin Lock placed in my arm, in case I will need medication soon.  I’ve never had an IV put into my arm.  It hurt very much.  They couldn’t get the first IV placed successfully, so I went through that pain for nothing.  Then they tried my second arm.  Again, alot of pain, but this time it was put in successfully.  I squeezed Aaron’s hand and never took my eyes off his face.  I didn’t like that experience at all.  I’m a baby about needles, and I wish I could get over it already.
The Cervidil was placed in my cervix about a half hour ago.  Now I am just sitting up in bed, waiting to see if contractions may start.  The monitor shows contractions that have reached over 100, but I only feel pressure.  No pain.  The nurse said that she has seen about 30 to 40% of women go into labor with the Cervidil.  She said if I go into labor, it could be around 1 or 2am.  Usually she just sees women try and sleep during the night, and sometimes they’ve dilated, and sometimes they didn’t.
Pitocin will start at 7 am if I don’t go into labor with the Cervidil.  She said I can get up, take a shower, and eat a light breakfast before starting the Pitocin in the morning.  If I have dilated overnight, they may try to first break my water to see if labor will start. I may want to try that before the Pitocin.
Praying that the Cervidil kicks in soon, and I can labor on my own tonight.   I’m incredibly sleepy, and hungry.  Right now Aaron is looking to order some food for delivery.  I’m allowed to eat something before going to sleep tonight.
The nurses I have are nice.  I gave all of the nurses their gift basket of candy and cookies.  They loved it.  I’m glad all of the injections are over with.  I hope to eat something, and then try to sleep… all the while praying that the Cervidil will start my dilation and labor.
Please keep us in your prayers tonight.
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