Faith is One Month Old Today! ♥

Honestly, I can’t believe that an entire month has passed already since the day she was born.  Such a big event; the day I looked at her tiny little face… and since then, the days have been so busy, and full of new experiences.  Have I really been “Mommy” for a whole month now?  Amazing :)


Aside from me and Aaron learning to be new parents,  Faith has been learning to be the best baby girl ever! ♥   Every single day there is something new for her to learn, and every day her little body is growing and adapting to her new big world.  She can now make the sweetest little baby noises.  Just this morning she said, “eeeeehyeah!”  in her teeny little girl voice while she was squirming in her bassinet all bright eyed and full of smiles.  When she wakes, she has a burst of energy and is moving around like crazy in her bassinet.  Her bassinet is in our room, right next to our bed, so when she wakes up I hear her right away.  I wake up to the relentless sounds of “swish” “woosh” “thump” as her little feet and hands wiggle under the blanket with lightening speed, and bump against the sides of her bassinet.  I’m surprised she doesn’t work up a sweat while her little legs pump up and down, and her arms are a blur!  What’s in that breast milk anyway?  I need to cut back on the coffee.  When I finally get up to see what she’s up to,  her eyes are wide open, and she’s flashing that cute little gummy smile of hers… gurgling and cooing … or grunting if she’s trying to poop.

Speaking of breast milk… it’s probably the most life-giving solution aside from water!  I’ve been doing my research on breast milk, and I have been blown away by how nutritious and vital is truly is for babies.  I always knew I wanted to breastfeed.  I knew it was better than formula.  I just didn’t realize how MUCH better it was!  Take a look at this!

It is the antibodies, living cells, enzymes, and hormones that make breast milk ideal.  These cannot be added to formula.  Your breast milk contains the perfect combinations of nutrients for your baby – over 100 of them! These nutrients change according to your baby’s needs. A  newborn needs a higher level of fat than a six month old. Your body knows that and adjusts appropriately.

Your breast milk contains large amounts of antibodies from your body. These antibodies help your developing baby to resist illnesses. They also improve your baby’s immune system. It has been shown that breastfed babies have fewer incidences of a host of illnesses including: asthma, pneumonia, diarrhea, ear infections, allergies, SIDs, childhood cancers, multiple scleroses, Crohn’s disease, diabetes, appendicitis, and obesity.

Breastfeeding helps with brain development. Breastfed babies score an average of 6 points higher on IQ tests than formula fed babies.

I read that I can continue breastfeeding even if I get sick.   “Your milk will not transmit your illness to baby, but it does have antibodies in it that are specific to your illness which will help prevent baby from getting sick. Withholding your breast milk during an illness increases the possibility that baby will get sick.”

I also read that you can donate breast milk for premature infants in NICU.  A company called Prolacta Bioscience provides human milk formulations for use in the nutrition of very low birth weight, and critically ill infants.  It’s wonderful to know that moms can donate their extra supply of milk to help save infants lives.  If I ever get a surplus of breast milk, I would like to look into this.  Read more about it here …

Breastfeeding is causing major controversy right now in some New York city hospitals …

I support breastfeeding 100%.  The more I am learning about breast milk, the more thankful I am that I can adequately breast feed our daughter.   There are many moms out there that can’t supply enough milk, or no milk, for physical or medical reasons.  Some moms have health issues, and need medication which can pass into their breast milk, and have no choice but to formula feed.   I’m so grateful that my body is producing safe and healthy milk specifically tailored to my daughter’s needs.  I hope my body will continue to supply enough milk for at least a year.   Thank you God for my health!

I crocheted a headband for Faith today.


I’m hoping to make more :)   I plan on making little hats for her also since cooler weather is only a couple months away…

Time is flying by.  Wow… she’s 1 month old already ♥

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