A Breastfeeding Baby Doll?

I recently came across several articles about a toy doll call Bebe Gloton.   I think the controversy regarding this breastfeeding doll is ridiculous.  I think it’s wonderful such a doll exists.  Here are a few quotes from the articles that I agree with …

“The fact that, in our culture, female breasts are so loaded with sexual meaning, while their life-giving, nourishing capabilities are frequently regarded with a kind of ew-gross attitude should give us pause.  I’m sad that an act of nurturing so ancient, primal and near-perfect as anything in this world is tainted, even in child’s play, by adult anxieties …”

“If breast is best, why should the realistic genre of dolls only be fed by bottles?”

“While attitudes about breastfeeding have been changing, nursing conversations nearly always turn to the sexualization of women’s breasts. And therein lies the problem: We adults cringe because we think of breasts as sexual first and nurturing later.”

“This toy would never work in the U.S. because the public would sexualize the act of breastfeeding, thereby deeming it inappropriate for little girls to engage in.”

Here are the articles:

What’s the big deal about Bebe Gloton?

The Breastfeeding Doll

Parents’ Fury as Breastfeeding Doll for Young Girls Goes on Sale

And here is the controversial video …

What are your thoughts on this?
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