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Everyone is in dreamland right now, so I thought I would take this time for a quick blog post.I went to Target to get some disposable changing pads to put Faith on when I change her diaper.  I don’t have any room for a changing table, so I change her on our bed, or on the couch… not to mention if we take her to someone else’s house, we can change her wherever we need to, and if there is an accident, she will have a handy dandy changing pad underneath her.

So anyway… I grabbed a pack of the Munchkin brand changing pads.  10 of them for $6.49.  That’s about 64 cents a piece.


Aaron and I continued shopping.  We ended up in the pet isle.  Guess what I found?  Puppy pads that happen to be exactly the same as the baby pads.  They both have Arm & Hammer baking soda, and have exactly the same material.  The only difference is that you can buy a whopping 75 of them for $20!  That’s about 27 cents a piece!  For 75 of them!  Not only are they cheaper, but you’re getting MANY more changing pads!  You’re saving over 50%, and buying 65 more pads!

Ok, so it sounds a little silly buying puppy pads for a baby, but they work!  I thought at first that maybe the baking soda might irritate her skin, or that since they’re so much cheaper, maybe they will tear, or leak through…  but they don’t.  They’re perfect, and Faith has already had several accidents while changing her diapers.  The pads have protected our bed every single time.  I’ve never had to clean the bedding, or the upholstery, and the changing pads have never caused irritation to Faith’s skin.If you plan on using changing pads frequently… I strongly suggest you get the Arm & Hammer puppy pads for your baby! :)  You get way more for your money!

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