The Breastfed Baby


Earlier today while I was breastfeeding Faith, she had her first scare.  I didn’t scare her.  She scared herself!  Poor thing.  She was half asleep when she lost suction while I was nursing her.  Her mouth made a loud noise when she lost her suction, and instantly her arms flailed wide, and she threw her head back, away from my breast.  Her body went rigid.  Her little mouth drew into a deep frown.  Her face began to get red, and then she just wailed!  And wailed, and wailed and wailed!  I had to stop nursing for awhile just to hold her upright and console her.  She was so upset.  Once she was able to continue nursing, her breathing came in hitches after bawling like that.  I felt so bad for her.  She scared her own self lol!  Poor thing.

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