Today, Faith is Two Months Old ♥


Tomorrow is the big day … her first round of immunizations. I am a little nervous about it. I remember when I had shots when I was very little. My mom was holding me as the doctor was preparing to give me a shot in butt. My mom said, “Sherry! Look at the cute little doggie outside!” I turned to look out the window, then I felt the sharp sting of the needle! Years later when I talking about that story with my mom, she said, “You remember that? Those were your baby shots!” I thought they were my Kindergarten shots, but she said I was a year or two old. That was my earliest memory of needles, and it’s not a nice memory lol! I have always had a major phobia of needles, and I am hoping and praying that Faith never ever has to deal with this fear.

Aaron will be at the appointment with us tomorrow. I hope we can distract her long enough to where she may not even know it’s happening. Wish us luck! :) Please keep her in your prayers for a smooth visit with the pediatrician, and pray she doesn’t feel too icky after she gets her shots. I will give her baby Tylenol as soon as she gets her shots, so hopefully she will feel ok. I will keep you posted on how her appointment goes! I am excited to find out her weight and length! My baby girl is growing up!

TWO MONTHS OLD! Yay Faith! ♥


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