No Prissy Girls Allowed!

My hubby showed me a video today that really impressed me.  Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs is a man to be admired, and we need more of them in our workforce. Please watch this important video …

My husband works in construction as a laborer.  I want our daughter to grow up knowing her daddy is a hard worker that helps make our cities strong and prosperous.  He’s helped build hospitals for sick people, and schools for students.  I want her to grow up respecting and admiring the people that make the streets smooth and safe for her, and the carpenters that build the homes that shelter her, and the farmers that grow the food we eat.  I don’t want her to take for granted the comforts she has in life.  She will know the hard working men and women that created these comforts for her.

She is going to learn to work for what she needs and wants in life.  She can grow up to be whatever she likes.  She can have white collar jobs if those opportunities cross her path, but she will also grow up to learn that she is a strong able bodied girl that can do anything she sets her mind to.  I won’t allow her to be afraid of hard work.

She can be a girly girl if she likes, with dresses and bows.  I would like her to get involved in dance or ballet at our local One Step Above Dance Studio.  I would also like her to learn to play the piano like her mommy, but as soon as her little feet are able to set her in motion, she will be getting her hands dirty; working in the garden, or pulling weeds, planting flowers, picking up sticks, raking up leaves, and learning the satisfaction of a job well done!

I’ve seen the cute little kid-sized tools in stores.  She will be prepared!

If she wants a little play house in the yard, I won’t buy one for her… I will help her build one! She will appreciate her little house that much more knowing that she built it with her own little hands.  (When she’s older, she needs to read My House blog.)

She will be my little Rosie the Riveter!  I need to start looking for a little red bandana for her :)


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