Faith is 3 Months Old Today ♥

Faith is 3 months old!  I still can’t get over how quickly time is passing.  She use to be this teeny tiny little thing, with soft, sweet little cries. Now she is standing up whenever she has the opportunity to push up on her little legs, and she holds her head up well when she is lying on her tummy.  She grabs and holds her toys now.  She can maneuver them towards her mouth, also.  She laughs, and has so many funny facial expressions.  She is non-stop entertainment for us.  She coos and squeals.  She grins from ear to ear when we sing to her.  She loves the alphabet song.  By the time I get to G she is smiling and squealing every time.  She also sleeps through the night now.  Sometimes sleeping up to 7 hours.  She loves holding her little hands together, and playing with her fingers.  She is content just staring at her chubby little hands; clasping them together, unclasping them.. and doing it over and over again.

Babycenter says that at 3 months old, “Even though your baby has been able to recognize you since she was just a few days old, she may now be able to show it.  About half of babies this age begin to exhibit an obvious recognition of their parents.”   Faith has recognized us for over a month now.  She always smiles and squeals when she sees me or her daddy.  She is very aware of the people around her, and she is now beginning to cry when she sees strangers.

Babycenter also says, “A big spurt is happening in your baby’s brain development that coincides with significant behavioral changes. Your baby is more attuned to the outside world and more sensitive to changes in her environment.”   This is very true.  Faith gets upset when we are at someone else’s house for too long.  Just today Aaron and I took her to Lowes to get a couple pumpkins.  A couple people came near to look at her, and talk to her.  She cried.  She starting getting so upset, we had to head back home.  She is very aware of her surroundings, and she seems very quiet and wide-eyed when we go out to other places.   She is at her happiest when she is at home.

Babycenter says, “The part of the brain that governs hand-eye coordination and allows a baby to recognize objects is developing rapidly now.  Her hearing, language, and smell have also become more receptive and active. When your baby hears your voice these days, she may even look directly at you and start gurgling or trying to talk back.”   So true!  Faith has been doing this for weeks now.  If she fusses while in her swing, and I’m in the kitchen, I’ll sing to her and right away she will start smiling, even though she doesn’t see me.   When I change her diaper, I sing to her or talk to her, and she is at her chattiest during diaper changing time.   There are several times when I am breastfeeding her, and I will start talking to Aaron.  When Faith hears my voice, she will start talking as well, with a mouth full of milk!  Then she will smile, and milk pours out of her mouth.  She loves being a part of the conversation :)

Babycenter says, ” Research shows that babies whose parents speak to them extensively have significantly higher IQs and bigger vocabularies when they get older than other children, so interaction is especially important right now. Set a solid foundation by exposing your baby to a variety of words.”   Faith is so receptive, I can’t help but chat it up with her every moment she is awake.  She absolutely loves it!  I feel very fortunate and blessed to have this time with her at home so I can talk with her daily, and help her reach her milestones.   Truly a blessing ♥

Here is a video of baby girl’s progress!


This is a video of Faith’s first laugh!


This is a video of Faith talking to herself! :)


Faith is 3 months old today! Yay! ♥


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  1. Amazing how time flies! Faith is adorable! I love the classic Strawberry Shortcake things :) I saved mine from when I was little, and a few years ago I was on a collecting spree and getting more classic SSC stuff from ebay, and I can’t wait for Lillian to play with them!

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