Faith’s Stroller Ride

Aaron bundled Faith up, put on her pumpkin hat, and put her in her stroller for a ride around our backyard…


She was quiet the whole time.  Just listening to the wind, the birds tweeting, and the leaves falling.  It was soothing her to sleep …


She loved her stroll with Daddy ♥

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  1. How adorable ! Yep…. fresh air knocks ’em out every time. When I look into those big blue eyes I see you Sherry. She definitely has your eyes. Funny how in one picture you see Aaron’s features and in another, she looks just like you. Load the shotgun. : ) <3

  2. Sherry and Aaron, you both made a such a Beautiful baby. She is so
    adorable and beautiful!! I Love the pictures. How adorable she looks
    in her stroller with her hat and knitted blanket. to cute for words. :)

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