Terri’s a la Sloppy Joes!

Aaron’s mom texted me the other day with a really fun recipe that sounded so yummy… when Aaron got home from work, he wanted to make it himself.

Sloppy Joes inside Pillsbury Grands biscuits. Yum!  Here’s my mom-in-law’s instructions and pictures!


Step 1

Cook 1 pound of ground beef, and add sloppy joe sauce.  Add some onions and a little bit of BBQ sauce.


Step 2

While that cooks, press out some Pillsbury Grands biscuits …


Step 3

Then fill one side of the biscuits with the sloppy joe filling, and top with shredded cheddar cheese…


Step 4

Fold over and press edges…


Bake until golden brown…


It’s quick, easy, and YUMMY!

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  1. I made these and they were great! They also freeze very nicely after baking. I sealed mine so the meat would not fall out during storage and they were a big hit! Thanks for a great idea.

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